Priest Human Male
Guild The Storms Call
Title To be filled in
Nicknames To be filled in
Game Name Tandor
Class Priest
Race Human
Gender Male
Age To be filled in
Height To be filled in
Weight To be filled in
Hair Color To be filled in
Eye Color To be filled in
Skin Color To be filled in
Alignment To be filled in
Professions Skinning and Tailoring

Physical DescriptitanEdit

tandor was a mythical god of the so calles khajjit clan a 9-15 foot tall feline sentian who were to more advanced than us know tandor was the leader but after after angering the gods was downcast into the pits of hell were there he spent eturnity but that was just a stupid myth right?!?


khajjits were supposed to be very agressive to other biengs wich they called infidels if u angered one u were supposed to tighed to horses and let lims be ript of if they did not just kill u then khajjits thought that they were the best of the best but maybe that thinking is why there not here today? =]


the khajjits were keen upon leaving there mark on the earth and the gods but when the khajjits were thrown out to the mortal world they destroyed there library but some myths say that some khajjits still live today and harbor the remains of the library but once again this is just a myth?+=]

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