This article is part of a series of Alliance Guilds
Faction Alliance
Guild Master Everwatch
Officers Adencity, Dariya, Bronwyne
Website available upon joining
Application IC and OOC interview with officer
Requirements RP clarity, maturity
Guild Focus RP, casual raiding, game experience

Temple is a roleplaying guild on the Sentinels server. We practice an open, common-sense approach to Warcraft, prioritizing a close-knit, respectful community of folks who enjoy playing the game together.

While we often raid in addition to roleplay, we do not consider ourselves a raiding guild. We have an entirely different set of priorities, and no matter what you like to get out of your gaming experience, if you're a like-minded individual we may have a place for you.

Guild Information Edit

Guild name: Temple
Formed: November 2008
Roleplaying Frequency: Medium
Roleplaying Skill Expectation: High
Forums: available upon joining
Guild Focus: Roleplaying, casual raids (semi-weekly), game experience
Guildmaster: Everwatch ('Raum')
Officers: Adencity, Dariya, Bronwyne
Requirements: Members must be willing to work as a team with their guildmates, following common-sense protocol such as respect and loyalty. Members must also be willing to roleplay as well as take part in various PvE opportunities.

IC Information Edit

Temple is a cadre of Alliance representatives who work as a team to accomplish the faction's goals in Azeroth and beyond. Though few members would consider themselves soldiers of the Alliance, we work as an auxillary to the Alliance army. Front-line fighting is rare, but members will often find themselves supporting the Alliance efforts by running messages or delivering packages, rescuing and/or escorting operatives, dispatching small groups of enemies, and occasionally taking part in small raids on established enemy targets.

We are based in a plot of land just south of Lake Lordaeron, in Tirisfal Forest. It is the ancestral estate of Adencity Rebellos, and its purification and upkeep has become a pet project of the guild. There is more than enough room for any who choose to lodge with the guild, provided they mean to help out with the eventual reclaimation of what was once scourged land.

OOC Information Edit

Guild Mechanics: Edit

Guild chat is 'located' in a fictional location in the game world, at this time in a place called the Rebellos Estate. It is in Tirisfal, just south of Lake Lordaeron. While members may come and go from this area as they please, members are encouraged to be 'present' in the guild hall when they are online.

We host an OOC chat in addition to guild chat. This channel is reserved for guild members, alts, and close friends of the guild.

Temple also has a forum for permanent OOC chatter, character storylines and history, and ongoing plotlines. Members are encouraged to register on our forums.

We coordinate our raids using Ventrilo. All members who would like to raid with us are strongly, strongly encouraged to download Ventrilo, even if only to listen to instruction.

As for add-ons, guild members may find it useful to download and use an RP addon, such as FlagRSP or MyRoleplay. This is not a requirement, but many members find this enriches their roleplay experience.

Guild Atmosphere: Edit

We are a guild of working adults who play the game primarily to unwind. We do not, as a guild, treat Warcraft like a second job or vehicle for realizing our life goals. While we have varying degrees of skill and commitment to the game, we strive to create an environment which is free of drama, hassle, negativity, and one-upsmanship.

Homophobic, sexist, racist, and other insensitive comments will not be tolerated. "I was just kidding" is not an excuse, just as ignorance of the law is not a pardon. Any member who breaks the bonds of common decency will be asked to leave.

Members are asked to refrain from excessive discussions about class, gear, or numbers in OOC chat. We are more than just a raiding guild, and discussions about raiding (which class is better, what numbers you should see, etc) have an unfortunate tendency towards metastatizing and dwarfing other conversations, not to mention making others feel vulnerable and less worthy. We do not condone an atmosphere where people compete to see who's Warcraft-peen is larger.

Recruitment and Membership Policy Edit

Temple accepts members of all classes, races, and levels. When recruiting, officers will judge prospective members on:

  • quality and style of roleplaying
  • familiarity with Warcraft lore and game mechanics
  • tone and behaviour towards officers and other guild members
  • general 'fit' with others in the guild, upon the discretion of the recruiting office

Temple is a roleplaying guild set in the Warcraft universe, and as such all characters are expected to have a high level of integration with the official Warcraft lore. We do not and will never accept:

  • half-demons, half-dragons, and other improbable breedings
  • vampires, shapeshifters, angels, gods, and other creatures out of step with lore
  • characters and references from other fictional worlds (D&D, Warhammer, etc.)
  • characters with direct familial connections to popular established characters
  • characters with improbable, illogical, or overpowered abilities

In order to protect the guild's assets, all new recruits are assigned a temporary rank with limited priviledges. During this time, access to the bank is limited but recruits may still ask an officer to retrieve items -- few requests are denied. Initiates will stay in this rank until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

All members are required to comport themselves with dignity, rationality, and respect for others.

Leadership and Organization Edit

Temple is run by Raum Everwatch, with assistance from his officers and fellow founding members Adencity, Dariya, and Ilyria. All officers will be happy to answer questions about the guild and its policy.

Other than these four, the rest of Temple is fairly egalitarian. New members are expected to show deference to established members, though there is no formal rank system. Members are encouraged to develop their own storylines with each other, in order to develop their own network of connections with other players.

Officers of Temple Edit


Raum Everwatch

Raum Everwach

Raum was a citizen of Lordaeron and Paladin of the Silver Hand before the Fall, travelling often between Silvermoon and Lordaeron. However, after the death of his elven wife and their young daughter he retired to a life of reflection and prayer. For a time he served as a priest and teacher in the ways of the Light, though if pressed Raum will admit he more closely follows the polytheism of the High Elves, particularly to the Sun as the source of the Light.

Time and his new family have since healed the ache of losing everything in the Third War. He is wed to the priestess Ilyria, and together they raise their adopted human son Tristan.

Within the last few years Raum has found himself returning to his Silver Hand ways, once again taking up the mantle as a soldier of the Light and Alliance. He has completed his trials and accepted commendation as an Argent Crusader, a position for which he has the utmost respect. Together with his allies and friends he has begun the push into Icecrown Citadel in the hopes of bringing "his king" to justice. It is even rumored that he has finally renounced his Lordaeron citizenship and sworn loyalty to King Wrynn, though it is just a rumor.



Adencity Rebellos

Adencity Rebellos - Arcanist

Adencity is a child of Lordaeron and last in the line of the Rebellos dynasty. She is the heir apparent to a small patch of plagued land south of Lordaeron. She is often brisk and aggressive, completely selfish and narcissistic to a fault.

Recently, Adencity was revealed to have been struggling with a secret demonic possession. Though a powerful warlock in her own right, after a year of embittered personal struggle she eventually succumbed to a manic fugue. Adencity was slain in the process of dispatching the demon, and Raum and Dariya suffered greatly in resurrecting her from true death.

After this traumatic event, the warlock has retreated from her previous cavalier lifestyle and is working on reconnecting with a greater power. She lives with Dariya, who since the incident has absorbed Adencity's usually fickle romantic attention.

(pic forthcoming)

Bronwyne Tunetinker - Truthspeaker

Though she is one of many forced to flee their city due to the trogg invasion, Bronwyne has somehow not lost her sense of naive innocence and trust in the world. She is an unflagging optimist and will always find the good in anything, sometimes to the detriment of herself and her friends. Her naivete means she has absolutely no fear of death or dying, illness, plague, injury, heartbreak, or betrayal. They simply don't register to her.

Bronwyne is a bit of a black sheep when it comes to gnomish society -- though she retains a sense of curiosity about the world, she is not particularly interested in learning and experimenting. Rather, she's quite a bit more physical than cerebral. For someone so small, she is surprisingly resilient and has no trouble in a fight.

Her unquestioning loyalty, combined with her uncanny ability to frustrate and annoy people/monsters/undead/dragons/everything else, means she's most often on the front lines of any battle and taking the hits. She doesn't really know why this happens and doesn't think of herself as a fighter or a leader, but she's all the same willing to do anything to protect her friends.


Dariya Tanwen

Dariya Tanwen - Fel Knight

Orphaned while just a young child, Dariya only recently discovered her inherent abilities as a warlock. Under tutelage from Adencity, she is learning to balance her paladin training with her dangerous natural gift. This has put her at odds with the Stormwind Cathedral, particularly the paladins.

Due to her part in Adencity's resurrection, Dariya's relationship with the Light has faltered a great deal. She rarely calls on the Light, choosing instead to battle using her own considerable prowess.

Dariya shares quarters and a bed with Adencity, all the better to keep an eye on her erratic behaviour.

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