The Awning of Awesome Edit

The Awning of Awesome is located in Murder Row, in Silvermoon City. The awning is a part of the Silvermoon City Inn, and is the favorite sitting spot of Marissa Shimmersong and Peredhel Raincry. When Marissa is not busy aiding her friends or attending to business, she sits above the inn
ScreenShot 061308 171225
and people watches. This has become a favorite past time of hers. The method of which to access the awning is from jumping across the ledge by mount. It normally takes a few tries to successfully land on the awning. While Marissa enjoys her sitting spot, she enjoys it more when people come to join her. Marissa dubbed it "The Awning of Awesome" in the presence of Peredhel. When sitting on the awning, if you look straight up and behind, you can see a pair of evil eyes staring downward from a green crystal. Lately, more and more people have been accessing the awning and have been enjoying its popularity. Sathel Sunstriker has found a new way of jumping onto the awning; he can sometimes be found on the awning more often than Marissa.
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