The Band is a medium-heavy role playing guild open to all races and classes of the Horde. The founders' goal is to get rich, and to do so members of the Band role play as treasure hunters. Instances are run in character with a focus on exploring pre-Burning Crusade content. Later, old world raid instances would like to be explored, depending on membership numbers. Since the focus of the guild is RP, the success of these instance runs is not the primary motivation.

Character InformationEdit

The founders of the Band are Voxis and Avondol, two sin'dorei vagrants turned vagrants with a cause. They are jocular and laid back individuals who are motivated largely by money, fun, and booze. Players who join the guild are expected to either share the founders' less than noble goals or have some other reason, be it loftier or not, for wanting to explore ruins for treasure.

Guild RulesEdit

Grammar and SpellingEdit

The Band believes in the importance of good grammar and clear communication. Though occasional mistakes are acceptable, a blatant disregard for grammar and spelling are means for expulsion from the guild.

Guild ChatEdit

The Guild Chat channel is IC and role played as a location. As the guild advances this location will change in conjunction to the success of the Band's adventures. The description of the guild chat setting is housed in the in-game guild information tab and changes as players alter it by adding or subtracting objects, or by cleaning, dirtying, fixing, or breaking things in the setting.

As of July 3, 2008 the Guild Chat location was described as:

"A small rented room on the third floor (imagination people!) of the Wayfarer's Inn in Silvermoon City. The room contains a single bed, a chaise lounge, an upholstered chair, and a desk with a magic-fueled lamp. There is only one window, with no curtain. It is dusty, smells a bit like mold, and there are a lot of alcohol bottles on the desk."

The Band also has an out of character chat channel: "thebandooc"

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