The Murloc comes from a tribe far away in Northrend known as the Blizzard Fin Tribe. This Murloc was raised there in the cold harsh lands of the north. After his Tribe came in contact with the Scourge the majority of it was lost and they fled further south. This Murloc. Now in charge of his old tribe has gone to try and make an alliance with the humans of Stormwind against the Scourge. This seemed like a good idea to him at the time however he didn't take into consideration the language gap between them. Chased off by the guards he's managed to sneak into Stormwind determined to form a pact with the Alliance that will save his tribe.


Being a tribe leader and having grown up in the harsh lands of the north this Murloc has obtained abilities that are above that of a normal murloc. For example in his clumy studies he has managed to learn Common. Though is unable to speak it. He also seems to have enough intelligence to be able to manage and ride a Mechanical Contraption that was built by an unknown party. Though whether or not he can drive it with out crashing is still yet to be seen.

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