The Scarlet Offensive
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Faction Alliance
Guild Master Davidson
Officers Davidson
Website N/A
Application IC and OOC interview with Davidson
Requirements Human
Guild Focus Role-play
Armory Listing N/A

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(( All still pending. ))

(( The Scarlet Offensive is in no way official Lore of World of Warcraft. It is a Role-play faction created by a Role-play character and shouldn't be taken as official Lore.))

(( In Characterly: ))The Scarlet Offensive is a break off from The Scarlet Onslaught. It was formed after the realization of the Onslaught's failure and in an attempt to revive the once great Scarlet Crusade.

(( Out of Characterly: The Scarlet Offensive is a Heavy Role-play guild on Sentinels Alliance side.))


Upon his arrival into Stormwind after the forming of the Scarlet Onslaught, Onslaught Captain Fortisian Azon Davidson was bombarded with insults from locals informing him the Onslaught was nothing but corruption. Almost a full year later, with High General Abbendis's death and the corruption found in high ranking officials, Fortisian began to doubt the purity of the Scarlets.

At this he resigned from the ranks of the Onslaught and formed, what he referred to as the revival of the once pure Scarlet Crusade, the final assault to achieve their goal, and the full out attack on their enemies, The Scarlet Offensive.

Originally the Scarlet Offensive was meant to retain the ideals and purity of the once great Scarlet Crusade, with slight changes by Fortisian Davidson, but after an attempt, by Paladin named Jored, to show Fortisian the error of his ways, Fortisian changed the whole goal completely. The goal now is not only to free the lands of Lordaeron from the Scourge and the eradication of the Scourge completely, but to claim all of Azeroth for the Humans and the complete extinction of any race in the way.


Differences and SimilaritiesEdit

This section lists the differences between the Scarlet Offensive and Scarlet Crusade/Scarlet Onslaught.

  • Unlike the Scarlet Crusade, the Crimson Legion is nonexistent. The title Crimson is given to those who exceed well in their rank.
  • Warlocks are not accepted into the Scarlet Offensive.
  • Death Knights, under rare circumstances, are permitted.
  • The Scarlet Offensive is for the entire claiming of Azeroth while The Crusade was for the reclaiming of Lordaeron.
  • While never an issue that was brought up during the Crusade's time, the Offensive allows Worgens into their ranks.

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