Tips and Hints on How to RPEdit

Here you will find a collection of tips and hints on how to add your characters' profiles, stories and such. Also FAQ planned for the nearest future.

Friendly, Basic RP Suvival Guide - This is a guide to help with those interested in roleplaying on a RP Server. I hope this will be a helpful guide for those wanting to "blend" in more into roleplay and into the Roleplaying community. To many of this looks like extra "work", but it's a nice finishing touch to your character, and for many, a prime requisite to playing on a rp server.

Height, Weight and Age - There is a lot of confusion when it comes to describing non-Human height, weight and age. This article has been written to try to help those who may have this problem.

Roleplaying Your Class - When roleplaying your character, it is not only important to create a background for your character, but to have a reason your character is a specific class. While some classes may allow greater flexability with a character's reason for that class, some are just akward and make little sense.

Links of InterestEdit

Blogatelle, while slowly becoming out of date, does have some useful and interesting guides for roleplaying your character:

Untill this server gets some Guides of it's own, EU Steameedle Cartel server has several really good guides you can look at to inspire you in your RP

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