Valaonar Nyort Arken'rret
Rogue NightElf Male
Guild Primal Instinct
Title Warlord
Nicknames "Val"
Game Name Nyort
Class Rogue
Race Night Elf
Gender Male
Age 216
Height 6'3"
Weight 200lbs.
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Silver
Skin Color Blue
Alignment Neutral
Professions Mining and Jewelcrafting

Dr. Valaonar Nyort Arken'rretEdit

Level 48 Night Elf Male Rogue.

Valaonar (Prefers to go with Nyort for length reasons) started out as a do-good young elf that was eager to help out his fellows, through his many deeds he raised enough money to go to school to become a doctor at the age of 153. After receiving his P.h.D. he set up his own firm in Ironforge. There he practiced for ten years, until priests set up nearby and ran the "real doctors" out of business. He enlisted to the war-effort and became a field surgeon, though once again, priests took over and he was out of a job. He spent a few years barely surviving, relying on small incidents in secluded farms for money. With no surprise, the town in which he was based in was sent a druid to heal the townspeople. With no other skill base to earn money from, Valaonar moved to stealing money and carrying out shady tasks from bosses, using his already extremely proficient dexterity to further himself in the world of deception and crime. On a flight to one of his jobs, the plane crashed in the middle of the ocean after the propellers went out, stranding him in the on a small island for eight years. Valaonar was rescued when he managed to flag down an Orcish vessel, which dropped him off in Booty Bay. He currently for hire as a body guard, or as an assassin, even though he needs no more money, having amassed a great wealth working for the various crime syndicates. The time alone on the island (wouldn't have affected him so much if his Gnomish pilot hadn't died) still affects his attitude, though he tries to hide his mental problem, it still seeps through every once in a while.

( (This is just a quick type, had time left after I ate on my break so I threw this together, hope to straighten it up when I have time) )

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