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Contacts: Dobbo, Rundegg
Website: none
Application: Not accepting applicants at this time
Requirements: Member age 25+
Guild Focus: Roleplay (Medium)
Battlegrounds PvP
Community RP (Casual)
[Armory Listing]

Named after the biting winds that blow atop Ironforge Mountain, the Order of Whitewind is a small quasi-religious mercenary company loosly affiliated with Ironforge's military. Composed of a few highly skilled individuals, Whitewind is dedicated to assisting Alliance interests across Azeroth as well as delving into the mysteries of the world.

Presently the Guild is headed by a High Priest supported by a council of four Templars. The guild is based out of the Military Ward of Ironforge, though members are often found in Stormwind City or Darnassus.

Head MembersEdit

Dobbo Stoneroot - Leader and founder of the Order of Whitewind, the fun-loving and ever upbeat priest Dobbo hopes to help the Alliance as much as he can. And if he turns a profit doing so, so much the better.

Rundegg Ironbellows - Ever smiling, Rundegg the Paladin can often be found defending Alliance lands from the forces of the Scourge. Rundy is Dobbo's right hand, the hammer he can call upon to smash Whitewind's enemies.

Hibidydibler Gearspark - Gifted enchanter, master tailor, and full-time pyromaniac. Head of the arcane division of the Order and guild treasurer.

Beornehelm - Master of weaponry and fierce warrior. Beornehelm fights with the strength of an enraged orc and the cunning of a wolf.

Kringar Northbeard - The eldest member of the Order, Kringar is a veteran of the Second War. Known for his love of strong drink and the razor edge of his trusted axe.

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