Justicar Xaanren
Guild None
Title Hand of Justice
Nicknames Xaan
Game Name Xaanren
Class Warrior
Race Draenei
Gender Male
Age 450
Height 7'9"
Weight 397 lbs.
Hair Color Indigo
Eye Color Luminous blue
Skin Color Light blue
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professions Herbalism, Mining, Cooking

Physical DescriptionEdit

Xaanren would be considered by most to be classically handsome. His square jaw line and sharply chiseled cheekbones look as if they were crafted by a master sculptor. Small scars, faded with age, grace his features in several places and serve to make his visage more interesting. Xaanren has two small tendrils that sprout from either side of his neck below his ears, brow plates that sweep back into two horn-like protrusions, and long dark blue hair kept bound into a casual topknot. He stands with the poise of an experienced soldier, yet seems vaguely uncomfortable with his weapons.

Anyone observing Xaan for any length of time eventually notes something slightly unsettling in his gaze. His glowing blue eyes have none of the warmth and life that those of other draenei possess. Instead, they stare determinedly out into the world as if constantly seeking some unknown enemy.

Xaanren’s heavily muscled arms are completely covered in the leathery skin of severe burns only recently healed. They seem to still pain him at times, as he winces at times when he is forced to move quickly.





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