Xaris "Shan're" Evershade
Guild N/A
Title Operative, Hunter
Nicknames Shan're, Hush
Game Name Xaris
Class Hunter
Race Night Elf
Gender Male
Age N/A
Height 7'4"
Weight 258 lbs.
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color N/A
Skin Color Purple
Alignment Neutral Good
Professions Engineer/Miner

Common KnowledgeEdit

Not much is commonly know of this kaldorei, even by his unit mates or those who call him friend. Only certain official records of the organization he belongs to, Wintershade, hold his actual name, Xaris Evershade, as he prefers to go by either of his two nicknames both on the field and in the taverns. What actually is known about him, is that he is an excellent shot and sniper, a keen observer and information gather, and that his wolf, Sambuca, seems to be his most prized possession and companion. Furthermore, Shan're does have one distinctive tick - certain multi-syllable common words simply refuse to come to his mind when he's in the midst of conversation, and he often has to rely upon those around him to aid him with finding the right word, or stumble over himself for a good ten minutes.


An organization originally formed within Ashenvale, this group of kaldorei are specifically trained to deal with and eliminate threats from the Sin'dorei Farstriders. Though small in number, Wintershade operatives are highly effective in surgical strikes and information gathering. Normally they work as a team of two operatives, but as in Shan're's case, if one half of the team falls, it is often a long time before he or she is replaced due to the extensive training operatives undergo.

Recent ActivityEdit

Of late, Shan're has started keeping regular company with a young paladin of the Cathedral of Light, Shaell Molsen. The two met on a mission near Lakeshire, where their two orders threw the pair together with very little warning and no other back up. After days of fighting side by side, the pair completed their objectives and seemed to simply continue on together rather than parting ways. They have been commonly seen both fighting alongside one another in the field and sharing meals and drinks in taverns.

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