Rothschild was standing in the line of the new recruits. He was shaking really hard and was trying his best not to start biting his nails. "Curses...what am I doing here...I should've stayed with Mountaineers, they were tough, but then I was nearly done", Roth sighed and shook his head. The whole ordeal wasn't the nicest thing which happened in his life.

It all started...well I guess some could say it when Rothschild was a little gnome. His pa always wanted him to become a Mountaineer like himself, but well...things didn't work out. Been a gnome in a dwarven community, especially when your own parents are dwarves and you actually a gnome tend to raise eyebrowses. His pa was a mountaineer, his ma was a mountaineer it was only natural for him to try and become one, but alas the Lady Fate had something else prepared for Rothschild. He did get to the recruiter and was able to sign all the papers.

At first Mountaineers camp wasn't bad, they were shouted at, cursed at, if they didn't complete their exercises in time they had to do a set all over again. The food wasn't bad, nothing what mom cooked at home and even though it looked kinda strange and Rothschild could swear he saw some of it eat through his spoon,it did dissolve in the stomach, so it could've been too harmful. They were even issued a set of uniforms! Things turned sour once the combat training started, Rothschild would lose every single fight he had. Grabs, throws, rolls nothing worked. The instructors noticed the trend and perhaps feeling bad about it tried to find a smaller partners for Rothschild. After a long talk with his dad and the head instructor Rothschild decided to quit Mountaineers.

Now he lived lost, depressed and unsure on what to do with his life. One day he was sitting at home reading a book , when his father's old friend walked into the door. g

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